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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

First a disclaimer: I have never claimed to be a wildlife photographer. After our Galapagos trip in June I have even more respect than ever for those who do it so well. It takes a special skill to capture the excitement you feel when you are up close to other species. So it is with great humility that I am sharing some of the images from our trip to the Galapagos in June.

The trip started in Guayaquil Ecuador. The following image is from the aptly named Iguana Park – before the iguanas in the trees started bombarding me and the camera.

The following are in roughly chronological order as we made our way around the islands in a very small boat (capacity 20 plus crew) and are a combination of landscape and wildlife. One word about the wildlife: everything was really close and very abundant. Birds, sea lions, iguanas, and turtles were close enough to touch.

And finally a picture of Bob, my partner on this adventure as in life. I will try to talk him into letting me post some of his images to extend the experience.