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Going Small – Part 2 1/2

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Waiting is the hardest part. I placed my order for the Olympus OM-D in mid-February with the promise of an April 10 delivery. April 10 became April 16 and then the vague April. Some suppliers didn’t even promise a date. They just accepted preorders. Then last week word began to leak out that some had shipped. I called local camera stores and discovered that Olympus was only shipping the black body. I had ordered the silver. One camera store had received a few that had not already been paid for. Would I like a black one? They would hold it for me.

Now a camera is a piece of equipment. You buy one to produce a product, an image. You should really only care about how it works. But we all know that we buy things for many reasons, only one of which is the way it performs its job. For reasons having more to do with nostalgia than photography I had my heart set on the silver, the one that looked so much like my beloved OM-1. I decided to wait, hoping that the wait wouldn’t be long but knowing that I would not have it for my trip to Kauai.

I also did what any self respecting photographer would do: I went out to shoot with the camera I have, my trusted (if heavy) Canon 5D Mark2 and somehow managed to make some images that are quite different from others I have produced at the same site. The following were taken at the Experience Music Project at Seattle Center. Let me know what you think.

And a new take on the space needle.

An update. Rumors now predict that the silver OM-D will ship in early to mid May. Not a very difficult prediction since May starts next week. I really really really want to have it for my trip to Houston.