India – Part 1 Revised

October 22nd, 2010

Since originally posting this I have had a chance to edit all of my images from India. This image, taken early in the trip remains my favorite. There is an elegance about the woman even as she begs.

India is a land of contrasts so vast and varied that it seems impossible for an outsider to appreciate, much less describe them. In Delhi alone, the vast boulevards and colonial architecture of New Delhi contrast sharply with the tangled streets, tangled wires and crumbling facades of Old Delhi (where locals tell us the real wealth of the city is to be found). The relative serenity of temples and mosques contrasts with the chaos of the roads, where buses, trucks, cars, scooters and bikes telegraph their intentions with a kind of honking Morse code as they weave their way through construction, cows, camels, and an occasional elephant. The deep sweep of history (this is the world’s second oldest civilization) is ever present – even as the country struggles to assume an enhanced role in the 21st century. Technology and temples, dharma and capitalism: in India the sacred and the profane sit side by side.

Instead of trying to analyze this amazing and complex place I will try to capture a few images that express the emotion it evokes. One of the first things I have noticed is that India is about its people whether they are beggars or businessmen.

This woman was begging inside Humayun’s Tomb.


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