India – Part 4: Street Scenes

November 21st, 2010

When I looked over my postings from yesterday I realized that by concentrating on images that were sharp, well-composed, and painterly I failed to show the busy, bustling energy of India. And so I went back to my files to look for some representational shots that I had originally rejected for one reason or another. In retrospect I think the energy in a few of these may make up for the technical imperfections. It is challenging to get exactly the shot you want when you are in the back of a bicycle rickshaw hurtling through traffic at breakneck speed. So here they are, a few of the out-takes. Let me know if you think they belong with the others.

A child alone in the tangle of wires of Old Delhi.

I love this guy.

Yes, there were cows.

And people

Lots of people.

Really, lots and lots of people.


One Response to “India – Part 4: Street Scenes”

  1. Christi Gell says:

    These are fun! Thanks for posting!