Stonington Maine

August 2nd, 2011

It’s been a long time since my last post. A result of too much travel and not enough time to edit. But I’m home now and trying to catch up. I’ve decided to work backward since the most recent trips are less daunting than the major trip to the Galapagos. So, for all you booby lovers out there, it’s going to be just a bit longer.

Our most recent trip was to Stonington Maine to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary so the goal was not primarily photographic. In fact, we did not once get up before sunrise. Still we managed to get a few images to share. Here is my favorite from the week.

I like the serenity of the picture even though there are many signs of the lobster industry across the top. Speaking of, Stonington on Deer Isle is now the foremost lobster port in the state of Maine. Last year the lobster catch was close to 14 million pounds valued at close to $45 million. Part of the attraction of Stonington is the existence of such an active industry in such a small, picturesque place. The Chamber of Commerce claims a population of 2400, with 364 commercial lobster fisherman.

If you look closely at the next image you will see that the ocean behind the boats is filled with lobster buoys. Our goal for the week was to eat as much lobster as possible. That and wild blueberry pie.

Couldn’t resist at least one lupine picture, even if just a small one.

At last we were rested and on our last night went in search of sunset adventure and found a lovely lighthouse.


One Response to “Stonington Maine”

  1. Christi says:

    I’ve never been to Maine and these photos just make me want to go there even more! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and Happy 30th!! :-)