In Praise of Printing

November 18th, 2009

Yes, yes, I know it’s been awhile. I have been immersed in a new project – fine art printing. The adventure started last year when I took a workshop with Mac Holbert, co-founder of Nash Editions (yes, that Graham Nash). Nash Editions may be the single best digital fine art print shop in the world. But whether it is or is not the absolute best, Mac knows more about digital fine art printing than I even imagined possible and I learned a huge amount about how to use lightroom and photoshop to take a good photograph and make it the best print it can be.

Unfortunately I find that if I don’t use that sort of knowledge immediately it starts fading away so a few months ago I broke down and bought an Epson 3800 (a beast of a machine) and signed up for a workshop with Andrew Rodney. During the workshop I had an opportunity to use printers at Art Wolfe’s studio to make some really large prints (20” x 30”) of some of the work I have done in Kauai with the intention of hanging them in our place out there.

WOW. What you see on the screen is nothing compared to what you get with ink on paper. So I packaged them flat, fedexed them out, and when I was on island last week I had them framed – koa wood, white mat. Man do they look great. I’ve included electronic versions of the ones I had framed. And I like them on the screen. But you should see them in print.Images taken on Kauai, 2009. Top one is of an outrigger on the beach, middle one is an abandoned sugar plantation, and the bottom one is a taro field.

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