Peru – Lima

September 21st, 2012

Sometimes it happens. Your best plans are thwarted. We planned our trip to Peru for 10 months and eagerly looked forward to festivals in several small mountain villages and, of course, Machu Picchu. We hoped to take wonderful heart-stopping photographs. Instead I developed severe altitude sickness and things went downhill from there. After the first few days I felt rotten and we ended up having to come home early, missing the festivals and Machu Picchu. So my images of Peru are not what I expected. But here they are. The first few are from Lima (which is at sea level – I like sea level).

We were fascinated by paragliders jumping off a cliff right in the middle of the city. But I can’t decide which of the following two images I prefer.

Later we went to a fishing area in the city. Here are two images from that site. The pelicans were crazy.

Next up: Arequipa.


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