At the Edge of the World

January 1st, 2010

Another Kauai image. Don’t know for sure what it is about this that feels compelling to me. Would welcome any comments you may have.

At the Edge of the World

3 Responses to “At the Edge of the World”

  1. Keron says:

    Hello Marilyn,
    I’m so happy to catch up with your blog. I find the image above appeals because of the balance of color/mood/proportion. The pre-sunrise image is magical. Your writing is, unsurprisingly, engaging and direct.
    Anxious to read more.


  2. Perhaps it is compelling because it is warmly voyeuristic.


  3. Bruce Moore says:

    The warm window, in an otherwise cool image, is right in the sweet spot, so it really engages the eye. But the real power of the image is the way it engages the mind. I project myself into the chair, and envision what I might see while sitting there. My imagination goes beyond the frame in an effort to see what they can see. But my eye remains firmly anchored.