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Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Of all the beautiful birds on Kauai my favorite is the Shama, also known as the white-rumped Shama. Originally from Asia this distinctive bird was introduced to Kauai from Malaysia in 1931. It was a caged bird, prized for its fabulous song but in Kauai enough escaped into the wild that it was able to establish itself where it lived in forests.

A few years ago we saw one near our condo for the first time. Typically we would hear it before we saw it. The song is really distinctive and almost magical. But it’s a shy bird and avoids people. On this trip I heard its song several times but never saw it until today.

This morning before dawn I heard it again, looked up and there it was in a tree, with the full moon in the background. It is an elegant bird with a long tail, russet belly, and white feathers on its rump. Sometimes you only see the white when the birds are in flight but with this one you could see the white feathers as it sat singing in the tree.

I don’t know a lot about birds and I’m not a very good wild life photographer but I love that I was able to get this picture.