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Skagit Valley in April

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

About an hour north of Seattle the Skagit Valley is home to the largest grower of bulb flowers in the United States. Every April the fields explode with color and the roadsides explode with tourists.

We go early – to avoid the crowds and to get the best light. Last year I tried to get a different perspective by shooting up with a wide-angle lens. Thought it was pretty good until several months later when I arrived at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and saw its clone everywhere. Turns out I had produced a cliché.


This year was hazy and overcast so I decided to try some really tight shots. Focus on individual flowers. Very abstract.



But my favorite shot of the trip was the one I took last of an old barn. This one feels like a dreamscape to me with the post in the foreground in sharp focus while the rest is just a blur.